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Seydiköy was founded 2600 years ago

Seydiköy was founded 2600 years ago. At BC, sixteenth century, the people who were gotten bored from the wars that were made by the trabes of Anatolia, Greece and Thrace located to suburbs and to the regions in which Seydiköy, Buca and Bornova placed. These people were the first founders of Seydiköy.

After 1080, Seydiköy became one of the most important places of Turks. Settlement of Turks in Seydiköy begins when Emir Caka Bey conquers Izmir. It is a Turkmen village which was founded by Tahtalı congregation. The name of Seydikoy comes from Seydi Baba who was one of the men of Gazi Umur Bey.

All of the people who lived in the village were Turks until 1650. After those years, it is started to be called as a summer place of Levantines and Greeks. It continues until 1922. From 1650 to 1922, the population of Seydikoy was sometimes fifty fifty Turks and Greeks; sometimes all Greeks, especially in 1900’s.

Seydikoy is a very important settlement. In 1830, La Martine who is a well-known French poet was put up as a guest at the house of Van Lennep, the Dutch Concul. La Martine has watched for hours the girls who were filling water near the deephole. Madam Hoschpied who was again one of Holland Conculs has became the leader of Seydikoy for sometime.

She complains a man who did not greet her to the governor of Izmir. When she comes back, she founds that the man was hang at the door of her house. De Heemstra is one of the femous Levantines who had a farm in Cumaovasi region. De Heemstra is the grandfather of Audrey Hepburn who is one of the famous actresses of our time.

He has left this region in 1920 because of a case. Mr. Crowly, the English Concul, owns the most magnificent house of Seydikoy.

Before the horse races has begun in Buca, they were done approxiametly 50 years in Seydikoy. Those races were celebreted with big feasts.

Haris ALEXIOUS is one of the most important and famous singer in Greece and according to some imformations her grandfather was lived Seydikoy too.

There are a lot of first in Seydikoy. In 1902, the first Land Collage was opened in an area of 1475 acres. Among the suburbs of Izmir, Karakos Efendi who was Greek Mayor of Seydikoy at that time has brought the first electricity. Greeks have started the first rebellion trial in 1908 in Seydikoy.

Four people have died in “Seydikoy Event” which was registered at the records of Turkish National Assembly. The aim of Greeks was to diffuse the rebellion to the Aegean Region where Greeks mostly lived.

Izmir was taken back by Turks in September 9,1922 again thanks to Mustafa Kemal Ataturk and his soldiers. However, brave beams of Seydikoy who were written on Greek epics were resisting. On 10th of September, they start to fight against Greeks wtih the soldiers commanded by Major Resat Bey. The Turks take Seydikoy again.

The year 1923, 460.000 Turks will be exchanged with 1.400.000 Greeks who live in anatolia. Turks who have loaded their luggage to the ship named Gul Cemal would step to Aegean shores, coming from Cigos, Rahca, Doksat and Korucu regions of Kavala. 1.500 of those 460.000 Turks would setle in Seydikoy.

The same number of Pomaks have built up Seydikoy again wtih the Turks who have been placed in Konya and Thrace before Balkan Wars, all totaling 3.000 people with the old immigrants.

There was not any amalgamate few years. There occurs such a great amalgament then that there was not burglary, no crime, no usurpation until the beginning of 1970’s….

In the revolution of 1960, the name of Seydikoy is exchanged from Seydikoy to Gaziemir by the Mayor.

In a few years,
Gaziemir developed very quickly as a trade region. Aegean Free Zone is established in 1989. Aegean Free Zone which is the leader industry center is the first production region among all free zones in Turkey.


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